I first met Debbie Jacobs back in 1984 I had booked her for a show at Rich’s in Houston, TX . It was the largest club in the city. From the get go we hit it off and she was a true professional in every sense of the word. She sort of became a the “House Mother” at the club and performed more there than any other performer we booked. She knew that we were professionals at what we were doing and we knew that we could always nothing less than perfect from her. She showed up, did her show to a full house which would have been 1500 people give or take a hundred or so. She ‘d get down in the crowd and connected with everyone there. If you attended her show you thought she was singing just for you.. And afterwards she’d stay and visit, sign autographs, dance, have a cocktail with the staff and when she was there she was at home and we had the extraordinary experience of a true performer

And most of all a true friend., She performed at Rich’s San Diego back in the late 90’s and for a Studio Disco Ball Anniversary Party back in 2002. She had not changed a bit, still just as warm and loving as the first day I met her.

- Bart Johnson, Rich's

I'll never forget the first time I met Debbie Jacobs, along with 5,000 other guys that loved dancing to her music! I had not yet come to know Patrick Cowley, and 1982 was at least 2 years ahead. She was headlining The Salute To The Men Of San Francisco party, performing one after another, after another, after another of her loved by the crowd hits. As I watched her stir the crowd, as she truly did, it came to me in a rush that I wanted to do that! I had no clue that in
a few years she would be one of my closest 'Disco' friends, and I would actually work with her and her friends in the studio whenever possible. She recorded one of the first songs I penned, In The Heat Of The Night, co-written with Jeff Mehl. Debbie Jacobs, one of the closest life friends I've had, and to meet her is to know why.

- Paul Parker
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Debbie strives to improve the lives of children and their caregivers. Using all the gifts God has blessed her with; she uses her gift of song to further her ambitions to insure that our children and their families are made whole, in order that they will be fully and effective participants in their destinies. She has been my "rock" and instrumental in my successful living with HIV. Not only is she a " LIGHT" for me and countless others, Debbie has maintained a wonderful marriage to a very wonderful man with whom she had produced a beautiful and intelligent daughter, whom I call Debbie Jr. I am Carnell Thomas, Jr. Ms. Rock's "NUMBER ONE FAN" and HONERED to be a friend, mintee and colleague. I can't wait for her forth-coming recordings and continue to marvel at all she continues to do for this world.

- Carnell Thomas, Jr.
HIV Activist



Debbie Jacobs-Rock, a radiance of vibrant personality, beauty, as well as charm, has sustained her on going singing career through the club scene. Debbie is considered a classic disco diva throughout the United States and Europe.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Debbie started singing in church. In 1979 “Undercover Lover” Debbie’s debut single gave MCA Records a top 5 national dance market hit. This single became one of the most influential sounds of the year. “Undercover Lover” also became the title of her first LP with chart breaking hits of “Don’t You Want My Love”, “Hot Hot” and “All The Way”.

Debbie was one of the few at that time to have four singles released off one LP and be successful. Debbie’s second MCA album “High On Your Love” rode the charts for numerous weeks at number one. With Debbie’s showcasing her awesomely energized vocal ability the results was a state of the art album that still captivates both rockers and dancers alike.

Debbie’s insightful producing ability has given her an opportunity to work on and complete projects that she uses for her live performances. Debbie uses her wide range vocalization on her original remix of the “Forever Medley” which features the Weather Girls on background vocals. Also Debbie remixed her first version of “Maybe This Time” which is extremely popular with her live audiences leaving them wanting more.

In 2000, Debbie teamed up with Rosabel and Tommy Boy Silver and remixed “Don’t You Want My Love” which became number one on Billboard’s Club Play Hits chart. Debbie became Tommy Boys records first African American female ever to have a number one dance single in America.

Today, Debbie enjoys life with her husband "The Rock" of 28 years and her beautiful daughter Ashley (known as Nicki) who has always supported her career. She continues to sing in church and has devoted her life to fighting for the rights of individuals who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS to have a quality of life they so richly deserve through a program she founded called LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. formerly known as Baltimore Pediatric HIV Program. Inc.

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